The cups an industrial pioneer drank from – Royal Crown Derby, 1800-1825

I purchased these beautiful Crown Derby imari breakfast cups, made between 1800 and 1825, from the descendants of a pioneering industrial leader of the British Industrial Revolution in the early 19th Century. They are heavy and large breakfast cups, both in excellent condition but one more worn than the other, and it was certain that they were among his personal belongings as they had been packed away in an attic ever since he died. This was the person who provided the first industrially manufactured linseed oil to projects such as Locomotion 1, the first steam locomotive to carry passengers on a public rail line in 1825, and a few years later in 1831, Sir James Clark Ross’ journey to locate the Northern Magnetic Pole. It is safe to assume that this gentleman would have been sipping his morning tea from the cup that is most worn. As the cup is very large and quite heavy, his wife would have preferred a somewhat smaller cup, so the other cup never got worn as much! They are beautiful Japanese-inspired Imari cups in bright colours, and in spite of some surface wear, still looking so bright. You can find the listing here in my Antiques shop.

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