Teacups with a story – made in the Foley Works ca 1900

A while ago I bought a large tea set with a very special story. Most of the items have been sold, butΒ I have two teacups and saucers left that are now looking for a good home. The full story of this set is told in the listing in my Antiques shop, but the short version is that these were handed down a family of kiln workers of the Foley Works, the kiln that was operated by Wileman and later Shelley. The family always thought this set was a Wileman set but if you look closely, you can see that it is not. All we know is that it was a gift from the kiln to the workers. Was it a job done for another pottery (which would be called “Wileman interest”)? Was it an extra? Was it a custom order that did not get marked? We will never know but what we do know is that it is a gorgeous set (I’ve included various pictures) and these two remaining cups deserve a very loving owner! You can find the listing here in my Antiques shop.

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